Swapit, is the leading UK online swapping & trading community for young people. Swapit merged with SuperAwesome which exited to Epic Games and HOWZAT has sold its stake.


Parcelbright is an alternative way for businesses of any size to send their parcels. By aggregating the best shipping carriers and negotiating a volume discount, Parcelbright is able to offer competitive rates as well as technology for a hassle-free booking of delivery services. Parcelbright is based in London.

alexa is the UK’s leading online retailer for luxury children’s-wear, selling premium brands such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Little Marc Jacobs and Junior Gaultier. Serving a global marketplace, it is based in London.


New York based Audicus introduces a new hearing aid concept. The company e-tails cutting-edge hearing aids online at deeply discounted prices, making it more affordable for those with hearing difficulties to buy through a direct, online delivery model.


CheapToday is obsessed by what is CheapToday @ your favourite store. The Power Shopper community hunts for the very best deals on women’s purchases such as shoes, handbags and clothing at big brand stores that you know and love. Boston-based and currently focused on the USA marketplace.


Mozio aggregates shuttles, taxis, limousines, express trains and more to allow large travel brands to sell ground transportation. Mozio’s long term vision is to build a backbone infrastructure system for the ground transportation industry. Mozio is based in San Francisco.

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